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Common mistakes in Boston, MA

What to do and not to do in a insurance claim

Most Common Mistakes Claimants Make After Hail Damage

After suffering hail damage, it’s natural to file a claim with your insurance policy and to wait to hear back from them. However, you need to know that there are several things that you could do that can actually make the situation more problematic.

Not Getting Appropriate Evidence

You may be counting entirely on the insurance adjuster visiting your house to take down the necessary evidence in the form of videos and photographs. However, if the insurance adjuster is not doing his or her job to the fullest, the photographs ultimately submitted may not accurately reflect the damage. This could lead to a low settlement offer or your claim being denied entirely.

You also need to support the submission of this evidence by collecting materials of your own. This could prove important not only in the management of your current claim, but in situations in which you need to move forward with a bad faith insurance claim as well.

Make sure you have your evidence stored safely for your own protection. It could make a big difference in your claim. It can also show that an insurance adjuster did not do his or her job when investigating your claim if you can provide proof that your photos more accurately captured the damage but that your photos were not used in the claim investigation.

Not Recognizing When the Insurance Company Is Acting Unreasonably

You may take the insurance company's word for it when they tell you that they are busy and will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your claim, but when weeks go by and you've heard nothing or your attempt to request information has fallen on deaf ears, this can be a very frustrating situation. You may not realize that in this case the insurance company may be acting in bad faith and denying you your rights.

That's why you need to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The insurance company cannot act in bad faith and attempt to purposely avoid speaking to you about your claim or making a thorough and prompt investigation of the issue itself.

A lawyer is a strong asset for you when you suspect bad faith actions. An attorney coming on the scene can signal to the insurance company that you’re serious about getting your benefits and a lawyer can also help you when the insurance company has already crossed the line.

Not Getting an Experienced Bad Faith Insurance Claim Attorney

Once you have recognized that you need to take legal action to hold the insurance company accountable for the way they have handled your claim, it is imperative that you find an attorney who has experience in this field. An attorney who does not understand the insurance industry and has not handled cases like this before may struggle to understand the complexity of your individual situation and this could compromise the integrity of your claim. Identify an attorney who has handled cases like yours before.

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