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Bad Faith Insurance Claim in Boston, MA

Do you have bad faith insurance claim?

How to Know If You Have a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Insurance companies have a responsibility to act in good faith when any claim is filed by one of their policy holders. This is the law across all states in the country. This means that the insurance company is responsible for treating you honestly and fairly from the moment that you file a claim.

Part of this process involves them promptly and properly investigating any claims that you make. The insurance company is forbidden from denying, reducing payment on a claim or delaying payment on a claim without a reasonable basis to do so.

What to Do If You Suspect Bad Faith

If you believe that your insurance company has crossed the line and has failed to act in good faith, you may be able to bring legal action against them for acting in bad faith. It is important to understand that a delay in your payment does not always constitute bad faith.

Bad faith on the part of an insurance company can take numerous different forms. Here are several examples:

  • The insurance company is not communicating with you or not responsive to you over the course of the claim's process.
  • The company does not conduct a thorough and prompt investigation of your claim.
  • The insurance company refuses to payout on a claim or settle on a claim that is covered by your policy.
  • The insurance company denies your claim without giving you an appropriate reason.
  • The insurance company demands documentation from other parties that is duplicative or unnecessary.
  • The insurance company wants to settle your claim for much less than its worth.
  • The insurance company refuses valid requests for documentation by anyone else involved in the incident.
  • The insurance company informs you that your policy does not cover the particular situation or misrepresents policy language.

How to Get Help with Your Bad Faith Insurance Claim

In these situations, you may be entitled to recover compensation and to have your claim approved by consulting with an experienced bad faith insurance attorney. When hail damage has destroyed your roof or your siding, the cost can be catastrophic. Trying to get the help you need to repair this damage as quickly as possible could also affect your overall home structure and as someone who has already suffered as a victim, you want to take action sooner rather than later to get these repairs completed as well as to move on with your life with the knowledge that your insurance policy will kick in to pay the necessary benefits. If you find yourself in this situation, consulting with an attorney is strongly recommended.

Sitting down with your lawyer is one of the most effective ways to identify whether or not you have grounds for a bad faith claim. An attorney with experience in this field in Corpus Christi can help to verify the behaviors that an insurance agency might take in order to take advantage of you. Since the burden of proof is on the victim to demonstrate that the insurance company did this and did so knowingly, you need to take your case seriously.

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