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If Your Insurance Company in Boston, MA Is Denying, Delaying Or Underpaying Your Hail Damage Claim, You Need Legal Help

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Boston Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

We Protect Homeowners in Boston, MA Who've Had Hail Damage Claims Denied or Underpaid From Their Insurance Company

No one should have to learn that their insurance company has acted in bad faith by denying, delaying, or otherwise misleading a consumer after a hail damage claim has been filed. In Boston, you need a talented lawyer like JR Reyna working hard on your behalf to hold insurance companies accountable when they cross the line and impede your rights.

Have you suffered damages because an insurance agency didn’t act appropriately? If so, you’ll need an attorney who can help you navigate the complex legal system. Most consumers who have become victims of bad faith do not understand all of their rights and can make common but costly mistakes in this process.

If the insurance agency has violated your rights and unfairly handled your claim, you can hire an attorney to bring action against the insurance carrier. This may be a way to show that you’re serious and to hold the company accountable for prohibited behavior like not fully investigating your claim, denying it unfairly, or refusing to keep you updated as the case progresses.

Evaluate Your Legal Options

Filing a legal claim against your insurance company may be the last thing you expected after filing a hail damage claim. You probably expected your insurance carrier to fully investigate the issue and to promptly award you a settlement. Sadly, however, this may not happen.

If you believe that your insurance agency is not affording you the right treatment, you may have grounds for a bad faith insurance claim. The J. Reyna Law Firm in Boston, MA can help you when you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of trying to get a settlement from an evasive insurance company.

You may be able to resolve this issue with litigation or in settlement talks. There’s where the experienced of Juan “JR” Reyna comes in, working with the insurance company on your behalf to manage the dispute as effectively as possible.

Our law firm has helped numerous people get the full amount they deserve on both residential and commercial properties and we can you help you do the same as well.

You Have Rights as a Consumer

The insurance company may be acting in their best interests, but if their tactics are breaking bad faith laws, you may be eligible to pursue justice with a bad faith insurance claim managed by a Boston, MA lawyer.

The law prohibits insurance carriers from purposefully taking actions to injure you as a consumer. If the adjuster refuses to answer your calls or if a denial of your claim was made immediately after you filed it without a complete investigation, you may have grounds to pursue a bad faith claim.

Knowing your rights and being walked through how a case works is strongly recommended for anyone who finds themselves in the situation of coping with a bad faith claim.

If you feel that any of this information applies to you and how you've been treated by your insurance comapny, stop wasting time and call the J. Reyna Law Firm Today!

  • 2M

    Money Compensation in Boicourt v. Amex Assurance Co.

  • 33.65M

    Money Compensation in Matson Terminals v. Home Insurance Co.

  • 3.9M

    Money Compensation in David Clayton v. United Services Automobile Association

  • 26.5M

    Money Compensation in Vann v. The Travelers Insurance Company

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It’s frustrating enough to have hail damage to your Boston home, but the situation becomes even more complex when the insurance company does not handle the claim fairly. If this applies to you, you could be eligible to recover damages in a bad faith claim lawsuit.

How It Works When You Hire A Bad Faith Insuance Attorney in Boston, MA

The first thing that you should know is our job is to get your insurance company to pay you an amountIN ADDITION to what have already paid you. As your attorney, we collect a fee based on a percentage of whatever that ADDITIONAL AMOUNT is. Simply put, you don't have to worry about us taking a single dime in legal fees for what you received without us. We only make money on what we help you recieve.

For example, let's say your home in Boston, MA is damaged by a hail storm and your insurance agrees to pay $15k on your claim. At this point you would call The J. Reyna Law Firm and hire us to represent you legally against your insurance company. We then put our resources to work and negotiate an additional $25,000 in payment for claim. In this event, you would pay us a legal fee on that $25k but not on your initial $15k. If we are not able to negotiate a better payment, you owe us nothing in legal fee. It's a no brainer, zero risk situation for you to at least have us look at your claim and make sure you are being treating fairly by your insurance company.

If your initial thought is that hiring a lawyer will create unnecessary tension, keep in mind that insurance companies retain entire departments of attorneys working hard to protect the insurance carrier’s bottom line. As a consumer, however, you also have rights. The only way to have confidence and peace of mind that someone is looking out for you is to hire a dedicated lawyer to represent you in a bad faith claim. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you after a hail damage claim. Let The J. Reyna Law Firm fight for your rights so you can get the funds your entitled to under your hail damage policy!